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Who we are? 

AABEA is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious Tax-exempt voluntary scientific and technical professional organization organized exclusively for educational, scientific, and charitable programs.

AABEA was established in 1984 in the State of Pennsylvania. An amended constitution and by-laws ratified by the general members in May 1999 is the guiding document for the organization.


AABEA TriState is one of the oldest chapters established in 2004. It covers the following states: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

What we do? 

AABEA has the following goals and objectives:

  • To bring together and share ideas, technology, and experiences between engineering, architecture, and computer science professionals of Bangladesh and North America.

  • To work towards the advancement of engineering, architecture, computer science professions in Bangladesh.

  • To work towards the advancement of engineering, architecture, and    computer science professions of Bangladeshis in North America. 

  • To provide assistance in job search and career enhancement for its members and affiliates.

  • To conduct seminars and other educational programs. 

  • To provide mutual assistance and cooperation between AABEA and other  non-political associations/societies and institutions. 

  • To help develop feasibility studies of various engineering and technological  concerns of Bangladesh. 

  • To collaborate with public bodies and with other societies for the benefit of the engineering, architecture, and computer science professions as a whole. 

  • To honor any individual/Group who has made significant and outstanding    contributions to the profession of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science. 

  • To carry out any other activities incidental to, or conducive of, the above  objectives. accomplishments of AABEA. 

  • Networking Among Members: Membership Directory, Quarterly Newsletter,  Web page etc.

  • Professional Advancement for Members: Quarterly Seminar on technical/non- technical issues of general interest to all members, EIT/PE Review Courses for members, Training for members on Information Super Highway. 

  • Career Advancement for Members: Active Job Search, information exchange, help in job placement, seminar and training on resume writing and interviewing.

  • Advancement of Engg., Architecture, and computer science professions in Bangladesh: Yearly Excellence award for exceptional scientific research work on applied technology in Bangladesh.

  • Established “Bangladesh Scholarship” in memory of Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan, the legendary Bangladeshi structural engineer, at the Lehigh University in Pennsylvania 

  • Active Member Participation: Yearly General Membership Meeting for members’ input, comments, and guidance, Convened the 2nd Biennial Convention and Seminar in New York in December 1998. 

  • Social/Cultural Activities for Members and Their Families: Annual Dinner, Cultural Show, and Picnic for members, their families, and friends. 

  • Miscellaneous: Financial Help for Members - Fund raising for members in severe health and financial condition.


To advance the community, the standing and the agenda of American Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects by carrying out initiatives that benefit us in our homeland North America and that also benefits our ancestral land Bangladesh.


AABEA brings together and shares ideas, technology, and experiences between engineering, architecture, and computer science professionals of Bangladesh and North America. Members' professional lives are enriched through activities such as job search and career enhancement assistance, educational seminars, and recognition of achievements.

AABEA fosters initiatives where the members can provide expert contribution in the areas of engineering, information technology and architecture both in the North America and Bangladesh.


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